The Best Grow Light Reflectors

Grow lights provide the correct spectrum of light that plants need to engage in photosynthesis. This feature allows the plants to be kept indoors without direct sunlight. Grow light reflectors are designed to increase the efficiency of grow lights by up to 40 percent. There are concerns over the heat that grow lights and reflectors produce, since this heat can burn and dry out the plants they are supposed to feed. However, many of the best reflectors are designed to keep plants cool.

Daystar AC Reflector

The Daystar AC Reflector is able to provide the most light for plants placed under a grow light. According to Planet Natural, the interior is like a tunnel through which air is able to flow, allowing the reflector to cool the grow light. With a cooler reflector, the plant is able to be moved closer to the reflector without receiving so much heat that it becomes dehydrated. Also, growers can control the temperature of the plant.

XtraSun AC Reflector

One of the cheapest reflectors is the XtraSun AC Reflector. This reflector is designed to be compatible with all kinds of grow lights. The reflector has a built-in socket and cord. There is also a sealed lens system according to Planet Natural. The reflector tends to be cool so plants can be brought close to the reflector. These reflectors are cooled through fans and duct holes that circulate air through tubing. Air flow is necessary when plants require 1000 watts of power or more.

Magnum Reflector

One of the largest and most expensive reflectors is the Magnum Reflector. This reflector has a safety lens that is gasketed. According to Planet Natural, the interior is made of aluminum and the steel body is powder coated.

Radiant Reflector

The Radiant Reflector is able to direct light downward, showering a larger number of plants with light. These reflectors also have double walls and reflective cavities which make these reflectors cooler than other kinds of reflectors, according to Best Grow Lights. This reflector's horizontal design maximizes the amount of light used by the grow lights. Horizontally mounted bulbs are able to deliver the maximum amount of light to the plant.

Internal Ballast System

Some reflectors, such as the Internal Ballast System, are designed to use the smallest amount of electricity possible. These reflectors are small and great for small plants placed in small areas, according to Best Grow Lights. These reflectors also have a cleaner look. The ballast is mounted within the reflector.

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