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Aside from their beauty, houseplants offer a number of benefits. Per a NASA report dated 1989, plants purify indoor air by removing toxins. Houseplants are also reported to have a calming effect on people, cure fatigue and improve cold-related ailments.


Houseplants need proper light, temperature, humidity and water requirements for healthy growth, according to the University of Illinois.

Flowering Houseplants

Keep cyclamen, African violets and begonias out of direct sunlight. Both begonias and African violets need moist soil, but don't let it get waterlogged. However, cyclamen appreciates frequent watering. Poinsettia and gloxinia are other common flowering houseplants.

Tough Houseplants

Chinese evergreen requires little water, low light and temperature. Corn plant doesn't require much fertilizer or water but needs a good amount of light. Other tough varieties of houseplants are dwarf palm, devil's ivy and spider plant.


Rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley and mint are some herbs that are excellent choices for houseplants, especially for those who like to use fresh herbs while cooking.

Other Common Houseplants

Cactus, snake plant, peace lily, Boston fern, aloe and ponytail palm are other popular houseplants.


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