How to Heat the Greenhouse With a Wood Burner


When you have a greenhouse that needs to remain at warmer temperature, you can heat it with a wood burner. When you decide to install a wood burning stove in your greenhouse, you need to choose a centralized location that will benefit your greenhouse the most.

Step 1

Determine the size of wood-burning furnace you will need before you install it into your greenhouse. You will have to look at various models of furnaces and choose one that will suit your needs. Smaller wood-burning furnaces will typically be more energy efficient.

Step 2

Select the type of wood burner you want. You can place a radiant heater, forced air furnace or boiler into your greenhouse. If you want to be able to regulate the temperatures, a boiler will work well because you can control where the heat goes.

Step 3

Place the wood-burning heater either outside or inside your greenhouse. The location will depend on how much room you have available. You will then need to vent the wood burner properly to prevent the fumes from damaging the plants.

Step 4

Ventilate the greenhouse to keep the air circulating. Open windows in the greenhouse and use the greenhouse fan to circulate any smoke.

Step 5

Maintain the temperature of your greenhouse. Add more or less wood to the burner to keep the temperature at 55 F for a warm greenhouse and 45 F for a cool greenhouse.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood burning furnace
  • Thermometer


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