Plants for Inside the House

Indoor plants add a lot to home decor and can even improve people's health because they filter the air. Choose indoor plants based on the level of care required, the health benefits certain plants offer or the decorative or artistic environment desired.

Easy Maintenance Plants

Easy-to care-for indoor plants include the African violet, small ivy plants and spider plants. Each of these plants require watering once per week and require medium to low light levels, making them easy to care for. In a sunny room with lots of direct sunlight, a cactus does well. It requires even less watering and is easily maintained for years without much worry. Keep sharp cacti out of reach of children.

Air Filtering Plants

English ivy, money plants, snake plants and bamboo can remove toxins from the air and filter out carbon dioxide, leaving air more oxygenated. NASA conducted a study on indoor house plants that filter air, and according to, these plants not only provide more oxygen, but they also remove toxic formaldehyde and benzine from the air. In a polluted city, these plants are beneficial to people's health as well as decorative in the home.

Decorative and Exotic Plants

To make more of a decorative or artistic statement, try a bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are miniature trees in small pots that were originally invented by the Chinese and later cultivated by the Japanese. They look distinctive and attractive but are more fragile and are a bigger responsibility than other common house plants. Since these plants have become common, they are available in most plant and garden stores. Edible pineapple also grows pretty easily if a bright spot is available near a window. Go ahead and eat the pineapple after the plant matures, which takes about two years.

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