How to Design a Grow Room


Growing your own plants indoors, including vegetables, is achievable with a grow room. Though it may take several attempts to successfully cultivate plants indoors, with a grow room set up properly and great care for the plants, it can be accomplished. The time you spend on the design of your grow room will lead to the success of your plants later; remember to incorporate the best space, air flow and lighting as you design.

Step 1

Select a room with ventilation, electrical outlets, white walls and size to allow your plants to grow. The room must be extremely clean and sanitized prior to beginning your grow room experience to reduce the presence of pests and insects that can destroy your plants.

Step 2

Purchase several fans, including a fan that allows fresh air intake, an exhaust fan to refresh the air and a circulating fan to move air within the grow room. Ventilation and fresh air intake is key to the success of your plants.

Step 3

Design the lighting in your grow room. Select traditional florescent lights, an inexpensive start, or a metal halide to get better results for vegetative growth. Most people use high-pressure sodium bulbs for the flowering stage. Add timers to the lighting system to get the appropriate light and dark cycles. Check your coverage area and the number of plants you grow to assure you have enough lumens or watts per square foot.

Step 4

Set up ballasts, if using a metal halide and sodium bulbs, by screwing a 2 by 4 from wall to wall and taking another 2 by 4 across the first one to mount a reflector. Plug in the ballast, your power source, and install a socket set to a reflector, which may be hung by chain or adjustable hanging mounts.

Step 5

Place a thermometer gauge and humidity reader in the grow room on the wall within 6 feet of your grow area to help control heat and humidity.

Things You'll Need

  • Sanitary grow room
  • Lighting
  • Fans
  • Thermometers
  • Humidity gauges


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