Organic Method to Remove Spider Mites on Household Plants


Spider mites can severely damage plants. They feed on plant leaves by piercing the surface and disrupting the leaf tissue. The mites extract the leaf cell contents and leave a hole on the leaf. Eventually, the leaves dry out and turn brown, due to the water loss that occurs through the tiny holes. The mites rapidly reproduce and develop from egg to adult in just two weeks. Successful removal of spider mites is essential to the healthy growth of household plants.

Step 1

Look for signs of spider mites. Yellow spots and small strands of silk webbing on the undersides of leaves indicate an infestation.

Step 2

Isolate infected plants. If there are a number of spider mite infested household plants, cluster them together to reduce the airflow between the plants.

Step 3

Mist plant with very cold water two to three times a day. Spider mites hate humidity and thrive in an arid atmosphere.

Step 4

Move the infected plants out of direct sunlight. Install a humidifier near the plants.

Step 5

If this method does not work, mix three drops of castile soap with a quart of water in a spray bottle. Fill a second spray bottle with water only.

Step 6

Spray to all leaf surfaces where spider mites may be hiding. Immediately spray all areas with plain water.

Step 7

Continue this application method once a day for two weeks. Continue to search for signs of spider mites and if they reappear, begin the treatment again.

Things You'll Need

  • Plants
  • Misters
  • Humidifier
  • Castile soap
  • Two 1-qt. spray bottles


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