What Kinds of Plants Can be Grown in a Green House?

Growing plants in a greenhouse offers several advantages to gardeners. For instance, you can grow plants in a greenhouse that you may not be able to grow outside, due to your particular hardiness zone. With the ability to control the temperature and the humidity, there are several different kinds of plants that you can grow in a greenhouse.

Blue Java Banana Tree

The Blue Java Banana Tree is often known as the "Ice Cream" banana, due to its vanilla ice cream flavor. The Blue Java produces medium-sized bunches of silver-blue bananas and, at maturity, reaches 12 feet in height, making it suitable for larger greenhouses. This fast-growing tropical plant does well in greenhouses, where it is safe from frost. Fahrenheit temperatures as low as the high 20s can kill the Blue Java; therefore, a greenhouse can protect the plant from the natural temperature conditions of the area, keeping it in the tropical warmth it thrives in. The Blue Java does well in a variety of soils, as long as there is good drainage and the soil is deep. For greenhouse planting conditions, raised beds can help increase depth as well as enhance drainage.

Citrus Hystrix 'Kaffir Lime'

The Citrus Hystrix, commonly known as the Kaffir Lime, is a popular Thai cooking herb. Its aromatic leaves are used in a variety of dishes, including lemon grass soup, and the rind of its fruit is used in Thai curry. This is a strong growing tree that reaches approximately 10 feet in height at maturity. The Kaffir features dark green, glossy leaves that are segmented, giving the appearance of two leaves growing end to end for each singular leaf. In a greenhouse, the Kaffir will bloom all year; however, at least two genetically different plants are needed to produce fruit. This plant prefers a well-drained soil that is kept moist at all times. The Kaffir can be propagated from either seed or cutting.


Clivia are dramatically blooming plants that are well suited to greenhouses, either all year long, or sheltered in the greenhouse during colder months. The plant features long, upright leaves with flowers spires topped with pendulous red to orange flowers. Bright red berries follow the flowers and can last for up to one year. In the wild, Clivia grow in tropical forests of South Africa under trees; therefore, they enjoy shade or partial shade. Although they thrive in containers, they prefer a growing medium where their roots can get air. For this reason, a planting medium comprised of equal parts granite chick starter grit, soilless potting mix and sand is recommended. Although the Clivia is naturally drought resistant, water it thoroughly to not only flush salt build up from the planting mixture, but also to encourage root growth deeper into the container.

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