What Kind of Bugs Do Venus Fly Traps Eat?


As carnivorous plants, Venus flytraps eat insects. Contrary to their name, they eat many more insects than just flies. According to the "Smithsonian Magazine," wild flytraps probably eat more crawling than flying insects.

Wild Plants

Wild flytraps usually eat insects that crawl into them, such as beetles, ants and millipedes. They are less likely to catch flying insects, but they eat all kinds of insects of all sizes.

Indoor Plants

People who grow Venus flytraps indoors do not need to feed them very often. Wild plants may only catch about a dozen insects in one growing season, according to AnswersinGenesis.org. They digest a dead insect much more quickly and reopen sooner looking for more food than if they eat a live insect.

Feed Occasionally

Giving an indoor plant insects like live flies, bees and ants after it opens up after a feeding will be sufficient. It takes the plant up to 10 days to reopen after it eats a live insect.


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