Sweet-Smelling Houseplants

People who want to freshen up their houses with a sweet-smelling plant have several easy-to-grow choices. Some are typically found outside, but they thrive indoors when provided with appropriate conditions and care. In addition to providing scents---from the rich and exotic to the subtle and clean---they also make beautiful decorations to adorn the household.


Hyacinthus orientalis is a popular houseplant that produces a sweet scent, according to Utah State University Extension horticulturist Jerry Goodspeed. They thrive outdoors in the summer, but growers can bring them indoors to bloom in the winter under the right circumstances.

Wax Plant

Wax plants, or Hoya carnosa, bloom indoors when placed in bright but indirect sunlight, producing a sweet fragrance that easily fills a room, according to Goodspeed. The plant produces unique star-shaped flowers. As a vine, it is easiest to grow when placed in a hanging basket or wound around a trellis in its pot.


Lavender plants are famous for their fragrance and have a calming influence. Though typically an outdoor plant, lavender can grow indoors too. According to Master gardener Patti O'Neal at Colorado State University Extension, lavender appreciates tight corners in a pot, with eight hours of bright sunlight a day. They also tolerate dry conditions well.


Jasmine blossoms produce a strong, sweet scent, making Stephanotis a popular houseplant, according to Living House Plants website. It is recommended for growers who want a challenge, as it is a climbing vine that needs a trellis in its pot. To thrive, jasmine needs frequent misting and a humid environment. Living House Plants website suggests placing it near a shower or sink, with bright but indirect sunlight through a sheer curtain or outdoor tree.

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