How to Use Your Own Seeds With an AeroGarden


AeroGardens are convenient for growing flowers, lettuces and herbs indoors. They light the plants for you, so you only need to have a good outlet, and do not have to worry about the appropriate amount of sunlight to get your plants to grow. Though AeroGardens come with a seed pod kit to grow everything, you can actually use old seed pods to grow your own seeds as well. This helps reduce waste and saves you money.

Step 1

Prepare your seed pods. Slide refill seed pod sponges into the base of old seed pods. Press three seeds from the same plant into the center of the top of the sponge. Place an old label from the same type of plant from your seed pod over the sponge and set a bio dome over the top. If you are growing seeds for a plant that you do not have a label for, turn a label over and write the plant type on the back. Set it on the sponge with that side up.

Step 2

Prepare the AeroGarden. Set your seed pods in the grow surface of the AeroGarden. Open the fill door. Add the appropriate nutrients to the AeroGarden and add water until it reaches the "Fill to Here" level line. Add water when the light on the display indicates and add nutrients to the garden every two weeks. Press the "Reset" button when you add nutrients so the "Add Nutrient" light comes on again in two weeks.

Step 3

Plug the AeroGarden into a wall outlet and use the "Select" button to light the type of garden you are growing. Your options are Flowers, Herbs, Tomatoes/Peppers, Strawberries and Salad Greens. If you are using seeds that do not fall into any of those categories, you may need to use the manual light button to turn the lights on for 16 hours every day, and off during the 8 hours at night.

Things You'll Need

  • AeroGarden refill kit with sponges and nutrients
  • Seed pods
  • Seeds
  • Seed pod labels
  • Seed pod biodomes
  • AeroGarden
  • Water


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