Homemade Hydroponic Growing Systems


A hydroponic growing system is designed to grow plants without soil. The plants grow with their roots supported by a soil-free material such as vermiculite or rockwool, or they may grow with no support by floating in liquid. The plants produce a high yield of vegetables and grow hardy because they receive all of the nutrients that they need, right when they need them. You can make a hydroponic growing system at home using a few items that may be found at any garden center.

Step 1

Remove the bottom, liquid-holding chamber from a commercially sold self-watering container.

Step 2

Fill the container with vermiculite.

Step 3

Hollow out a planting hole in the center of the vermiculite. Rinse soil away from the roots of the plant that you are planting.

Step 4

Place the root ball of the plant into the vermiculite.

Step 5

Fill a large tub, such as a watering trough or a wash tub, with liquid plant nutrients.

Step 6

Place an air stone from an aquarium into the bottom of the large tub. Run a hose from the air stone to an aquarium air pump outside of the stone.

Step 7

Fill the tub with loose gravel until the gravel is even with the top of the tub. Place the self-watering container directly onto the gravel bed.

Step 8

Fill the tub with liquid nutrients. Turn on the airstone to oxygenate the liquid nutrients. The liquid nutrients will wick up into the self-watering container from the gravel bed to water the plant inside of it.

Things You'll Need

  • Self watering container
  • Vermiculite
  • Plants
  • Large galvanized metal tub
  • Aquarium air stone
  • Aquarium tubing
  • Aquarium pump
  • Aquarium gravel
  • Liquid nutrients


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