House Plants That Do Well in Alaskan Climate

Temperatures in Alaska can vary greatly. In winter there is always ice and snow, but in summertime a jacket may be needed. In summer, some parts of Alaska get 24 hours of sunlight for at least a day, while some areas get sunlight for 85 days straight. During winter in other parts of the state no sunlight is seen for two months. It can generally be said, however, that Alaska has a cooler climate. Selecting and caring for house plants in Alaska is not a big deal, as there are many that can withstand its weather conditions.

Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra elatior is also known as the "cast iron plant" and for good reason. It requires minimal care, needing just even watering, and it can withstand extreme temperatures from 80 degrees F down to 28 degrees F. It is a native Chinese plant that found its way to Europe and then America more than 100 years ago that has rich green foliage that often hides its brown-purple-colored flowers. It can grow to be 2 feet in height and can tolerate a wide range of soil types, from very rich to very poor.

Lady Palm

Lady palm (Rhapis excelsa) is found throughout the world and grows in various climates and soils. It is a slow but sturdy grower, originating in Southeast Asia and surviving outdoor temperatures from 20 degrees F up to 100 degrees F. The plant has dark green leaves and can grow to be 14 feet tall, growing 8 to 12 inches every year. It is also known as an indoor air cleaner and adapts to interior environments. It prefers bright light and moderate to low watering in a peat-moss-based soil mix.

Dracaena Marginata

Dracaena marginata comes from the Dracaena family of plants and does well in temperatures as low as 40 degrees F. It is also known as the Madagascar dragon tree, tree dracaena and red edge dracaena. The plant has green leaves with purple-red stripes running down the edges, which grow from thin stems that are cut for indoor growing. These plants can reach up to 15 feet in height yet grow in many forms such as bush, tree, straight and staggered cane. Houseplants grow in well-drained soil and low, indirect light, getting patches and bleach spots when left in direct sunlight for long periods.

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