Homemade Indoor Greenhouse


Greenhouses provide a warm, controlled environment for germinating seeds and growing plants that require warm climates year-round. Many gardeners build glass or plastic greenhouses outdoors so they have fresh produce and a place to start their spring seedlings. Unfortunately, not all gardeners have a backyard large enough to accommodate a greenhouse. This is where creativity comes in handy. You can create a miniature greenhouse indoors. You can't grow or start a lot of plants this way, but this little greenhouse is ideal for small in-ground or container gardens.

Step 1

Choose plastic utility shelves with grid-pattern shelving to allow air flow and thick side posts for stability. Assemble your shelves according to package instructions. Placing them in a rarely-used room near an electrical outlet is best.

Step 2

Slip the last link of each light chain into the hooks at the corners of your grow lights. Wrap the chains through the grid pattern in your shelves to secure them. Use two lights per shelf; for instance, if you have 6 shelves, use 12 lights. Grow lights have bright orange bulbs that mimic sunlight.

Step 3

Hang the first set of lights on the underside of the top shelf with S hooks on the ends of the chains. Simply slide the hooks through the plastic grids that make up the shelves.

Step 4

Keep the room moist and warm by turning the thermostat in your chosen room to about 75 degrees Fahrenheit and leaving it there. Water your seed flats every other day to keep the soil moist. For moist air, place several pots or bowls of water around the room and keep the door closed to encourage humidity.

Step 5

Secure a power strip to the center back of one of your shelf posts with zip ties, jiggling them to make sure they are secure. Plug all of your shop light cords into this strip.

Step 6

Place your seed flats onto your shelves, making sure you place as many as you can on each shelf. Plug in the power strip for about 12 hours a day. Unplug it each night. For instance, plug it in at 6 a.m., before work, and unplug it at 6 p.m., after dinner. Alternatively, you may elect to use a timer for automatic operation.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic utility shelves
  • Grow lights
  • Light chains
  • Power strip
  • Zip ties
  • Seed flats with covers
  • Pots or bowls
  • Water


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