Lucky Bamboo Yellow Leaf Tips

Lucky bamboo requires little maintenance and has few problems. However, certain issues can arise such as yellow leaves. If your plant has yellow leaves, it can mean that you're adding too much fertilizer or the bamboo receives too much moisture. Another problem that the lucky bamboo plant faces involves direct sunlight. These plants thrive in shady areas. With a few minor adjustments, your plant can once again achieve its maximum growth potential.

Indirect Light

Lucky bamboo thrives in the African rain forest where sporadic sunlight shines on the forest floor. You should create the same environment for your plant inside your home. Keep your plant in indirect light and allow the soil to remain moist, but not soaked. Putting these two steps into practice will reduce the chances of your plant's leaves turning yellow.


Water with too much salt, fluoride or chlorine will cause your lucky bamboo plant to yellow at the leaf tips. When the bamboo is inundated with opposing elements, the tips of the plant's leaves turn yellow. Consistent exposure will result in the entire bamboo changing hues. At this point, you will have to get rid of your bamboo because the plant won't continue to survive. Prevent exposure problems by using bottled or distilled water. This method works well if you have too much salt in your tap water. If you don't have any distilled or bottled water available, place your tap water in an open jar or jug for 24 hours. Airing out the moisture will solve issues related to high chlorine and fluoride levels.


Lucky bamboo leaves can turn yellow when more fertilizer gets added than the bamboo can handle. If the leaves have just started to turn colors, you can still save your plant. Get rid of any extra water sitting at the bottom of the plant. Apply fresh water and refrain from adding anymore fertilizer. If the stalks are brown--along with the leaves--throw out the plant. At this point, you may want to purchase another plant. Problems are first noticed in the leaves; if you catch them early, you will have a healthy lucky bamboo that will give you years of enjoyment.

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