Small Plants for the Office

Small indoor plants that don't take up too much space are perfect for an office table or desk. Plants may even be beneficial for you by reducing stress and eliminating air pollutants, says Small plants are a pleasant focal point for the work environment, so long as they require little maintenance.


Pothos, often called devil's ivy, are a popular, easy-to-grow indoor plant. Most varieties of pothos require low light, but can also tolerate bright light (not direct sun). The plants prefer to dry out between waterings, so check that the soil is dry down to about an inch before you water. Pothos are most attractive as young plants, and do well in hanging baskets or small pots. These glossy-leaved plants have leaves that are dark green, or variegated with either white or yellow and lighter green leaves. Ideal temperature for pothos is between 60 and 75 degrees.

Spider Plant

The spider plant makes a good small office plant in a hanging basket or small pot. Also called the airplane plant, it produces long green stalks with white striped leaves. Some varieties have white edges and green stripes. Look for plants that have no torn leaves or brown tips. The spider plant prefers low light and should be kept away for the midday sun. Allow soil to dry out before each watering.

African Violets

African violets are a very popular, small office plant and are easy to grow. They grow best in temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees. High humidity is beneficial to the flowers, which bloom in a variety of colors including pink, red, white, violet, blue and purple. Flower vary from single to star-shaped and ruffled blooms. Proper light is necessary for a good bloom so place the African violet in a window that faces north or east, and avoid direct sunlight.

Small Cactus

Small cactus plants make great plants for the office setting because they can tolerate extreme neglect. They do not need a lot of water or light and do well in almost any condition. The Christmas cactus blooms with red and pink flowers; other cactus plants have a variety of unusual and colorful flowers. Cactus can be put in small pots or bowls, and mixed with other varieties of cactus for a great centerpiece in a boardroom.

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