How to Macrame a Plant Holder


Plant lovers with little space can still find ways to grow plants, whether it be in miniature terrariums or suspending them from the ceiling. The only trouble with hanging plants, is that the planters themselves can be very expensive. Don't worry, though; you can avoid putting out any money at all by making your own plant hanger from recycled materials. With a macrame stitch or two and some knit fabric, you'll have a plant hanger others will envy.

Step 1

Cut the hem from the bottom of two old T-shirts. Cut both shirts across the chest right under the sleeves, removing the body of the shirts from the top parts. Snip the shirt bodies into horizontal strips about 1/4 inch wide, creating thin T-shirt loops. Snip one side of each loop to make a strip. Knot the ends of the strips together to create eight cords about 12 feet long. If you run out of shirt yarn, cut up a third shirt and even a fourth if necessary.

Step 2

Split your eight knit strips into two groups of four. Gather the ends of one group together and bend them down across the strips, creating a loop. Push the ends through the loop and tighten to make a granny knot. Repeat with the other group.

Step 3

Lay both knotted groups of strips vertically in front of you. Separate the strips so each group has two central strips and a left and right strip sticking out to either side. The group of strips on the left is "A" to "D" from left to right. The group on the right is "1" to "4" from left to right.

Step 4

Bring strip "A" over the two center strips and under strip "D." Bring strip "D" under the center strips and up through the loop created by strip "A." Knot this way to slightly less than halfway down the strips. Repeat on the other group with strips "1" and "4."

Step 5

Turn the left group of strips so they're horizontal with the knotted part is on the left. Lay the right group of strips vertically over the horizontal group with the knotted part at the top. Weave strip "1" over and under strips "D" through "A." Weave strip "2" under and over strips "D" through "A." Repeat with strips "3" and "4" so you have a square, woven mat at the ends of the two long, knotted sections.

Step 6

Continue knotting both groups of strips where the strips come out of the square mat. Finish the ends in granny knots, snipping the ends so they're even. You should now have four long, knotted sections with the mat joining them at the center.

Step 7

Pry open your 2-inch jump ring, a simple metal connector. Bring all four ends together, making sure they're the same length, so the pot will sit level on the mat. Wiggle the granny knots at the ends of your hanger onto the ring. Squeeze it closed with pliers. Place your pot on the square mat and hang your planter as desired.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 old T-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Plant pot
  • 2-inch jump ring
  • Pliers


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