Tiny Pepper House Plants

Pepper plants can be highly ornamental when grown indoors. The brightly colored dwarf peppers provide a pop of color during the fall and winter. Some of the tiny pepper houseplants can be transplanted into the garden, while others are meant to be disposable.

Christmas Pepper

Christmas pepper, also called Fiesta, is strictly ornamental. Although the peppers are edible, the plant is not bred for edible peppers, so the taste may be a bit much for some. The Christmas pepper plant produces peppers for 6 weeks and then is usually discarded. Keep it in a room where the temperature never dips below 55 degrees F at night and remains between 70 and 75 degrees F in the daytime. Christmas pepper is available at nurseries in the fall.

Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple is an interesting pepper plant that produces, as the name suggests, eggplant-purple peppers that turn red when mature. Another unusual aspect of Pretty Purple is that the peppers grow up, instead of drooping. The plant, with purple stems, grows to 2 1/2 feet high and starts well from seed.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf pepper plant produces peppers that turn from light green to yellow, then to orange and finally red. The peppers are mildly hot. When covered in peppers at different stages of development, the plant provides a lovely display of fall colors. Bay Leaf was named for its foliage, which resembles bay leaf and can be grown indoors; you can later transplant it outdoors.

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