Types of Houseplants

You can grow houseplants in any home, but the type of plant that you grow will depend on how much light is available. Also, consider if you want a plant that flowers or just has foliage. Some plants can be hung in baskets while others need a more traditional tabletop pot. There are a plehtora of houseplants that can be grown in most environments.


Geraniums can be grown indoors and should be placed in a cool, sunny spot. They can take up to 18 months to bloom indoors because of the lack of direct sunlight, but once they bloom they will continue to for a long time. The blooms are red, white, and pink and pinching off dead blooms will encourage new plant growth. Geraniums stay disease free for the most part.


Philodendrons are non-flowering plants that thrive in houses. They require low light and can be potted on the floor or hung in baskets. They need well-draining soil and should be fertilized once a month. There are climbing and non-climbing varieties of this plant. There are various sizes as well. Clean the leaves with a wet sponge once a month so dust and dirt do not build up.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plants are typically grown indoors and thrive in well-lit, warm areas. They will die in cold temperatures. These plants have green spiked leaves and do not flower. Plant them in a pot that has well-draining soil and do not over water them. They like soil that is barely wet. Aloe vera leaves have healing qualities for burns, rashes, and itchy skin. Some varieties are poisonous though, so check with an expert before using one of these plants.

African Violets

African violets grow very well indoors because they thrive in temperatures around 75 degrees F. These plants do like lots of sunlight though. If they don't receive enough even next to a window, you can use artificial lighting. When watering your plants, make sure to water the soil and not the leaves because the water will create spots on them. Water once every three days. These plants should be repotted into well-draining soil twice a year.

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