Types of Potted Houseplants

Certain plants grow well indoors and can be adapted to container or planter gardening. These houseplants can be tropical plants, small trees or leafy greenery. Indoor foliage adds life and color to a room, and gives it a completed feel. Consider the light requirements when choosing houseplants.

Low-Light Plants

Houseplants requiring low light grow well in homes with few windows, houses that are covered in shade for most of the day and homes with windows that have a UV protective coating. These plants produce no blooms. Three common low-light houseplants include the philodendron, snake plant and Boston fern. The philodendron has heart-shaped leaves and trailing foliage. It requires indirect sunlight and grows well in most indoor conditions. provided it is kept moderately moist and warm. The snake plant tolerates all lighting conditions, and its soil should be allowed to dry completely between waterings. The plant has strap-shaped dark green foliage with an outline of light green or yellow. The Boston fern has sword-shaped branches with narrow leaves and grows in a bush like fashion. It should be kept cool in dim light, with daytime temperatures not exceeding 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium-Light Plants

Houseplants requiring a medium amount of light are the most common, as they fit well into the lighting conditions of most homes. Common medium-light houseplants include dracena, varieties of ficus and umbrella trees. Dracenas have variegated or solid leaves of varying shades of green, red, white and light green. Some are low growing. while others have longer stalks and a more palm-like appearance. They grow best in indirect bright light such as that found in the shadow of a sunny room. Ficuses adapt to most household conditions but flourish in a warm, moist, diffused sunlight environment. Umbrella plants have circular clusters of bright green, glossy, oval leaves that resemble an umbrella. They too require indirect but bright sunlight and can grow up to 8 feet tall under the proper conditions.

Bright-Light Plants

Houseplants that require bright sunlight should be placed directly in front of a window. Common plants in this category include certain varieties of orchids, jade plants and zebra plants. Zebra plants, which can also tolerate medium sunlight, have large, variegated, waxy leaves with light green stripes and produce bright yellow conical flowers. Orchid blooms come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors. They require little watering but need a humid environment, which can be created by setting bowls of water next to the plant. Jade plants are succulents that require little water and at least four hours of direct sunlight per day. They have thick, mossy green leaves that can grow into a miniature tree.

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