How to Revive Chidori


Chidori red and Chidori white are two varieties of ornamental kale. If yours are wilting or drooping, you must diagnose the problem quickly and address it. Kale is susceptible to several types of insect pests and may become overcrowded if not spaced properly in the garden. Learn about these beautiful plants and they'll provide vibrant fall color in your landscape.

Step 1

Check for signs of overcrowding in your ornamental kale collection. Remove every other plant and pot them to increase air circulation around the stems and leaves of the remaining kale.

Step 2

Check soil conditions in the garden bed. Loosen soil with a garden spade to keep it properly aerated and draining well. Add a sprinkle of time-release granular plant fertilizer to raise the nitrogen level in the soil and prevent leaves from further yellowing or wilting.

Step 3

Turn over wilted leaves and looks for signs of fungus or insect damage. Pinch off leaves that are damaged and dying, or cut them off with scissors. Discard the leaves where they will not reinfect the plant or soil. Pick off worms and caterpillars wherever you see them. Apply a light spray of pesticide that kills aphids if aphids are present.

Step 4

Water Chidori red or white kale sparingly, since water stress will cause stem and root rot as well as yellowing, wilting leaves. Watering once a week in well-drained soil conditions is usually sufficient.

Tips and Warnings

  • Follow all directions when using pesticides, and wear appropriate protective clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden gloves
  • Kale (Chidori red or white)
  • Spade
  • Scissors
  • Aphid pesticide (if necessary)


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Who Can Help

  • University of Illinois Extension: Fabulous Foliage
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