Why Do Indoor Plants Turn Yellow?


Leaves turn yellow on plants for a number of reasons. Take note of the changes that have been made to the plant's environment, and usually you will find the cause of your houseplant's yellow leaves.


Too much or too little sun can cause the leaves on an indoor plant to turn yellow. Notice if the plant is getting either too much or too little light, and then change its location to fix the issue.


Changing the location of a plant can also cause the leaves to turn yellow and even fall off. Generally these are the older leaves, and this is the plant's way of adjusting to its new location.


Over-fertilizing can cause a plant's leaves to turn yellow. If you are fertilizing the plant, stop for a week or two and see if the leaf color returns to green.


Over-watering can cause an indoor plant's leaves to change to yellow. The excess water can cause root damage which will deplete the plant's oxygen and cause it to die.


Exposure to cold temperatures for a couple of days, or exposure to toxic gases, can also make an indoor plant's leaves turn yellow.


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