Peroxide for Spider Mites on House Plants


Spider mites are tiny insects that feed off of the leaves of many standard houseplants. Many methods, like peroxide, fail to keep spider mites away. If let alone, spider mites can kill a houseplant.


The most common spider mite in North America is the southern red mite. About 1/50 of an inch in length, the tiny bug is oval-shaped and part of the spider family.

Life Cycle

Spider mites are normally dormant during the heat of mid-summer, according to the University of Florida Entomology and Nematology Department.

Food Source

Spider mites feed off of houseplants and outdoor trees, including sycamore and spruce trees. They suck the nutrients out of the leaves, turning them yellow.

Plant Types

Spider mites are known to have an affinity for Hibiscus plants. They mostly live on broad leaf houseplants.


Peroxide is not a proven method for killing spider mites on houseplants. According to Nature's Control, placing a natural predator of the spider mite, like Feltiella acarisuga, will get rid of the mites within four weeks.


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