What Is a Pretty Bamboo Plant for Indoors?


Bamboo is an attractive houseplant if the right amount of light and care is provided. Pick bamboo types that have a maximum size of 10 feet or less. Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo (Pleioblastus fortunei) is a pretty species of bamboo suitable for indoor growing.


Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo is used as an ornamental houseplant or container plant.


Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo grows to 4 feet tall and spreads to the point of being invasive if not grown in a container.


Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo leaves are striped with white lines that grow up and down the bamboo stalk.


Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo plants require two hours minimum of sunlight daily. They thrive in protected, shady locations.


Feed the bamboo plant every three months with 1 tsp. of slow release fertilizer for every 12 inches of rootball diameter. Keep the rootball moist, but not wet. If the leaves curl, then water the Dwarf Whitestripe.


Divide Dwarf Whitestripe every two to three years to prevent it from becoming root-bound when grown indoors.


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