DIY: Hydroponic Bubblers


Hydroponic bubbler systems are among the easiest systems to build and maintain. This type of system involves a reservoir that holds the nutrient solution, grow medium and plants. An air pump supplies air to the bottom of the reservoir and to the roots, which need moisture and oxygen. Other hydroponic systems continually drip water over the roots.

Step 1

Wipe the reservoir, air curtain and tubing down with your cloth and bleach water. It is important to keep everything in the system clean. Connect the vinyl tubing to your air curtain and lay it lengthwise in the reservoir. The vinyl tubing should extend 1 1/2 feet out from the reservoir.

Step 2

Rinse off the clay pebbles to remove any loose debris. Place all of the clay pebbles inside the reservoir, and connect the vinyl tubing to the air pump. Pour the 6 gallons of nutrient solution into the reservoir.

Step 3

Squeeze the corners of the rockwool cubes to fit them in the net pots. Space them evenly over the clay pebbles. Move the clays pebbles to the side to fit the net pots in the pebbles. The pebbles in the reservoir should be even, and the top of the net pot should be even with the pebbles.

Step 4

Place your hydroponic system underneath your grow light. Plug the air pump into an outlet and run your hydroponic system. Place your rooted cuttings or seedlings in the rockwool cubes.

Tips and Warnings

  • If there is ever a power outage, fix it immediately to avoid your plants from becoming waterlogged.

Things You'll Need

  • Bleach
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 12-gallon reservoir, 8 inches deep
  • Air curtain with connector, 1/4 by 14 inches
  • Black vinyl tubing, 1/4 by 24 inches
  • Clay pebbles, 8 gallons
  • Air pump, with 1/4-inch fitting
  • Nutrient solution, 6 gallons
  • 4 rockwool cubes, 6-inch
  • 4 net pots, 6-inch


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Who Can Help

  • Green Coast Hydroponics: FAQs
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