Indoor Palm Tree Varieties

Adding indoor palm trees to your home or office is a great way to add moisture to the air and promote oxygenation. Not only are they good for the air you breath, but indoor palm trees also add a tropical, exotic look to a room. Several types of beautiful indoor palm trees are available. These plants are easy to maintain, with some requiring less light than others.

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm grows up to 10 feet tall with clustering cane-like stems and thick green foliage. The bamboo palm tree has the familiar look and feel of bamboo. The bamboo palm requires low light for growth and produces red-orange fruit containing oxalic acid, which can burn the skin. The seeds of the bamboo palm tree are poisonous to animals and humans if eaten.

Lady Palm

The lady palm indoor tree grows up to 6 feet in height and is an easy specimen to maintain. The lady palm grows tiny stalks of white-pink flowers and dark-green fronds. Known for its robust and lush-growing habits, the lady palm requires medium or indirect light and a light misting every day to keep up humidity.

Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is an excellent indoor variety that has been grown since the Victorian era. The parlor palm is a small palm with narrow, short, green cane-like stems and green feather-like leaves. The palm requires bright light to grow. Flowering starts on this indoor variety when the plant is small. At only 3 feet tall, the parlor palm is the slowest-growing indoor palm variety. The parlor palm is a particularly good palm to have due to its ability to remove environmental toxins from a room.

Pygmy Date Palm

The pygmy date palm is a short tropical palm with arching, green leaves that grow 3 to 4 feet in length. It produces black-red fruits with yellow flowers. This palm is recognized for its ability to remove harmful substances from the air. Requiring bright light and abundant water in its growing season, the pygmy date palm slowly grows an average of 6 to 12 inches a year to top out at around 12 feet tall.

Miniature Fishtail Palm

The miniature fishtail palm has unusual fishtail-shaped, green-blue leaves. The miniature fishtail palm producing orange-yellow flowers and tiny black fruits. The palm requires medium light and moist soil. The miniature fishtail palm grows 6 to 8 feet tall. Seeds from the black fruit produced by the plant are poisonous if eaten.

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