Homemade Seed Sprouter


Making a homemade seed sprouter is the first step to enjoying fresh, home-grown sprouts for snacking or adding to salads and main dishes.

Step 1

Sterilize your glass jar. Using a dishwasher, hot soapy water or a bleach solution, wash your glass jar thoroughly to kill any bacteria.

Step 2

Cut the screen or wire mesh to size. Trace the rim of the jar onto the mesh and cut a circle 1 inch larger in diameter.

Step 3

Wash trimmed mesh screen with hot, soapy water or a bleach solution to kill bacteria.

Step 4

Place the mesh on the rim of the jar. Secure the mesh by wrapping the rubber band around the rim of the jar.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass jar
  • Dishwasher (optional)
  • Bleach
  • Soap
  • Wire mesh (or)
  • Window screen
  • Rubber band


  • City Farmer: Sprouting at Home
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