Plants That Grow Without Natural Light

Houseplants are popular additions in both houses and offices, and provide a way for people to bring nature indoors. When you're growing houseplants, though, it's important to choose plants that can survive and even thrive with indoor lighting rather than natural sunlight.

Golden Pothos maintains that golden pothos is the most popular houseplant in the United States. Also known as devil's ivy, golden pothos grows green vines and broad green leaves that are marbled with yellow. Plant golden pothos in pots with drainage holes, in quick-draining soil boosted with compost. Put pothos in heavy pots, since these plants are prone to tipping over. Put pothos plants in bright direct light and water them every other day to maintain soil moisture.


According to the Gardener's Supply Company, there are over 30,000 different species of orchid in the world. These exotic plants grow spear-shaped leaves with a single long shoot, which houses multiple flowers. Although some types of orchid only grow in the wild, others thrive in the controlled environment of a household. Put orchids in a 6-inch pot with peat moss, wood chips or vermiculite and place the pot in a bright, protected location. Orchids like humidity in the air, but should only be watered once a week.


When it's grown outdoors, ivy actually prefers the shade, as the sun can burn it. This makes it an ideal plant indoors, under fluorescent lights. Plant ivy in a medium-sized pot with drainage holes, and give it rich, loose, quick-draining soil. Make sure the pot is relatively heavy; ivy vines and droops, and can become quite heavy. Give ivy a dose of 10-10-10 fertilizer once a month, keep the soil consistently moist and keep the pot in a spot where it gets bright fluorescent light.

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