The Best Large Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been called nature's air freshener. Their presence improves air quality in any building, according to research by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.The best large plants grow more than 6 feet tall, require minimal monthly maintenance, adapt to the surroundings and resist disease. All indoor plants require good light, potting soil, drainage, proper water and ventilation. Select them based on the plant's indoor lighting requirements.

Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk pine rates as one of the most popular large indoor plants because of its ease of care. It has pliable, dark evergreen needles. The symmetry of growth is one of its attributes. It needs medium light. It can reach an average height of 8 feet, but will take 10 to 12 years to do so. The tree likes a cool environment, with the temperature around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the soil slightly moist in the summer, but let it dry out in the winter.


The Schefflera, or umbrella tree, starts small and grows 9 to 13 feet tall. The dwarf tree makes the list of best indoor large plants because of its hardiness. It requires little maintenance and can adapt to poor growing conditions. The plant thrives in medium light, a warm environment and moist soil. Regular pruning keeps the plant bushy.


The ficus with its dark green shiny leaves likes indirect, bright light to grow up to 7 feet tall with a full appearance. Its durability and hardiness make it one of the best indoor plants. It does like moist soil, but will survive if neglected. Regular pruning can shape the ficus into either a tree or bush. Ficus that can be moved like summering outdoors. If the ficus suddenly sheds its leaves moving outside, wait a couple of weeks and the leaves should grow back.

Citrus Trees

An indoor citrus tree can bring fragrant blossoms and colorful, ornamental fruit to a room. These attributes make it one of the best large indoor plants. This tree needs five to six hours of sunlight a day in a warm brightly-lighted room to thrive. The shiny dark green leaves will fill out the tree. The tree requires fertilizer three times a year but will produce blooms and fruit almost year-round. Citrus trees remain relatively pest-free when grown indoors.

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