How to Get Rid of Bugs in the Soil of Houseplants


Household plants can add a sense of the outdoors to any room, and can add a calming and organic feel to the room. Bugs in general love plants, but there are a few that live around and in the plants because of the food source and nutrition that the plants provide. Inside your home, this is unacceptable because not only do they destroy your plants, just like they would outdoors, but they also now pose a threat to your home. Bugs that invade homes can cost thousands of dollars in damage, and so they must be eradicated as quickly as possible. You can do this with ingredients you already possess inside your home.

Kill Mold, Fungus and Mildew

Step 1

Mix four tbsp. of dish soap and four tbsp. of baking soda to 16 cups of warm water in a large container or bowl.

Step 2

Put as much as possible of the mixture into a spray bottle.

Step 3

Spray the plant and soil thoroughly, including the bottoms of the leaves. This will kill all of the growths on plants that attract the bugs.

Kill the Bugs

Step 1

Mix one tbsp. of garlic juice with one tsp. of rubbing alcohol and 12 cups of warm water. You can get the garlic juice by crushing several cloves of garlic in a bowl. Strain the juice. An acceptable substitute is garlic oil.

Step 2

Put the mixture in a spray bottle and shake vigorously.

Step 3

Spray the mixture onto the plants as described in the first method of killing bacterial growths on the plants. This will instantly kill the bugs without harming your plants.

Step 4

Spray both mixtures once a week for at least three weeks to fully destroy the bugs and growths that attract them.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 tbsp. dish soap
  • 4 tbsp. baking soda
  • Large container or bowl
  • 1 tbsp. garlic juice
  • 1 tsp. rubbing alcohol
  • 2 spray bottles


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