How to Grow Bunching Onions Inside


Bunching onions, sometimes called green onions, are frequently used in salads for their light, tangy flavor. Bunching onions are actually an immature version of a normal onion, picked before it has a chance to grow to full size. Unlike scallions, bunching onions have a slight bulb at the end. The plant doesn't require a lot of room to grow, so it's possible to cultivate bunching onions indoors.

Step 1

Fill two pots with planting compost or soil. Choose neutral pH or slightly acidic soil. Make sure the pots are at least 6 inches deep and around 8 inches wide, with large drainage holes in the bottom.

Step 2

Push holes 1/3 inch deep into the soil with your finger. Space the holes approximately 1/2 inch apart. Insert a seed into each hole in one of the pots and cover with a light sprinkling of soil. Leave the other pot as it is for now.

Step 3

Water the pot containing seeds using a spray mister. Keep the soil damp over the next two weeks.

Step 4

Plant germinated seeds in the second pot the same way as you planted the seeds. The seeds should germinate around ten days after planting.

Step 5

Harvest your bunching onions four to six weeks after shoots first appear, or when they are around 10 inches tall.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pots
  • Potting soil
  • Onion seeds
  • Water spray mister


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