How to Make a Mount for a Staghorn Fern


Staghorn ferns are large, decorative epiphyte plants, meaning they grow without the use of soil. They are native to Africa, Asia and South America, where they are found growing on trees. Many people purchase a staghorn fern for growing in a greenhouse or as a decorative plant in their home. Since staghorn ferns do not require soil in which to grow, it is easy to take care of them. However, staghorn ferns will need an appropriate mount or device on which to grow so that they will thrive within your home or greenhouse.

Step 1

Use a plank of cedar wood for the mount for your staghorn fern. Cedar wood is resistant to moisture. The plank should be at least half an inch thick and long enough to fit a 12 inch plant.

Step 2

Double the plank by joining two pieces side by side with a vertical joint. This will allow your staghorn fern to have room to grow and provide a sturdy support for it as it gets larger. Nail the boards together using large nails; horseshoe nails work well.

Step 3

Tack on the smaller 3/4-inch boards as a border around the edge of your mount. This will keep the plant in place and offer space for the moss to grow as well. Add the moss inside the border of the staghorn fern mount. The moss should be 1 to 2 inches deep.

Step 4

Drill holes in the mount for hanging it. Place one hole an inch from the center joint on both planks, about 1 inch from the edge.

Step 5

Tie down the staghorn, using fishing line to secure it to the mount. Use tacks or small nails to secure the fishing line to the borders of the mount. Leave the upper fronds free.

Step 6

Hang the mount by looping wire through the holes and securing it to the area from which you want the staghorn fern to be mounted.

Things You'll Need

  • Cedar plank
  • 3/4-inch boards
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Nails
  • Tacks
  • Green moss
  • Fishing line
  • Wire


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