Recipes to Celebrate the Sacred Violet Festival

Recipes to Celebrate the Sacred Violet Festival

Selected Recipes
From the Fairy's Magical Kitchen to Celebrate the Sacred Violet Festival
by Norma Beredjiklian

Festive Violet Mousse

1 package of purple gelatin powder
½ tsp violet extract or syrup
Fresh violets

Follow package directions
As jelly begins to set,
Add flowers,
And jelly,
And flowers.
Refrigerate and serve with more violets and whipped cream

Violet Fairy Feathers from Pennsylvania
(A magical recipe sent to us by Gary Sherwin, Master Fey)

Many violet blossoms
Hot peanut oil
Lots of sugar

Drop violet blossoms in hot oil and remove quickly with giant spatula. Sprinkle with sugar and enjoy!

The Violet Fairy's Cakes
(Whispered on our ears during some sweet dreams of long ago)

Two dozen sugar cookies
Plenty of White icing
Violet blossoms

Put icing on each cookie and stick violet flowers on top. Let them dry and eat.

About the Author Norma Beredjiklian is a freelance writer, violet specialist/consultant residing in Herndon, Virginia. Her home has a garden that includes a forest of 10 old oaks and many fairies in residence. Norma is also the Editor of The Violet Gazette, published by The American Violet Society. She welcomes comments at violetgarden(at)

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