The Advantages of Plants Around Our House


By adding plants to your home, you are inviting some tropical or subtropical plant life into your living environment. Houseplants add not only beauty to a home but they can also help to improve the physical and mental well-being of the occupants.

Sensory Benefits

Houseplants add a decorative element to a home. They help soften a room, provide visual interest and sometimes add a pleasant fragrance.

Physical Benefits

Houseplants absorb contaminants in the air, improving indoor air quality. They also increase the humidity in the air. In a University of Norway study, plants have been reported to reduce coughing and hoarseness among office workers.

Psychological Benefits

Houseplants have a stress-reducing effect and tend to improve a person's mood. Plants have even been found to help with pain management, a University of Washington study reported.


If you are considering adding plants to your home, select houseplants suitable for their intended location. Consider color, plant size, available light and maintenance required.


Some houseplants are toxic if ingested. Avoid poisonous plants in your home if you have small children or pets.


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