China Doll House Plant


Radermachera sinica is a tongue twister in any language; fortunately, this popular houseplant is more commonly known as the China Doll plant. A native of Southeast Asia, this attractive evergreen shrub is compact, fast-growing and relatively easy to care for.


China Doll plants require ample bright but indirect light. East-, south- and west-facing windows are generally best, or use a plant light if you need additional light.


Normal room temperature, about 60 to 75 degrees F., is sufficient for growing China Doll plants indoors. Avoid placing your China Doll plant in drafty or windy locations.

Water and Food

Moist, well-drained soil is an essential component of growing healthy China Doll plants. Yellow leaves are a sign of overwatering. Feed regularly when the plant is actively growing.


If not pruned regularly, China Doll plants will become leggy and bushy. Avoid repotting or changes to the light, water or temperature exposure---these are traumatic for the plant and may cause it to drop a significant amount of leaves.


Aphids, foliar mealy bugs and spider mites are common pests among household plants. Overly moist soil may also attract fungus gnats.


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