What Is the Meaning of Dish Garden?


A dish garden is a group of plants in a small container, resembling a mini landscape, such as a desert or a rain forest. It can be an ornamental living memory of a special event or just a windowsill hobby garden.


The container of a dish garden is usually open and shallow. It can be a planter or a unique item, such as a decorative box, basket or dish.


The plants used in dish garden usually have small leaves and are slow-growing. They are selected based on their similar light and water needs.


Drainage is important to a dish garden. It has a layer of pebbles or other loose materials under the soil. Sometimes a drainage hole is made at the bottom of the container.

Special Additions

Sometimes a dish garden has a theme, such as a desert. Special touches can be added to the garden, such as driftwood, moss, stones or a miniature figurine.


Water your dish garden arrangement slowly. Turn it every few days so all sides get the same amount of sun. The plants need repotting when they are too big or after a year, when soil nutrients lessen.


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