Step-by-Step Instructions to Sprouting Seeds


Sprouts are a comprehensive source of nutrition as they are filled with vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Growing sprouts is something that can easily be done at home. Sprouting seeds yourself is easy and affordable, providing home-grown sprouts for salads and sandwiches.


The first step to sprouting seeds is to soak them in water. Begin by rinsing off your seeds in warm water. Then, place your seeds in the bottom of a jar and cover with water to a depth approximately three times the height of the seeds. Cover the top of the jar with mesh or muslin. Do not seal with a solid lid. It is important that the sprouts are still able to breathe. Leave the sprouts in a warm dark place overnight to soak. The temperature in most homes will suffice, but avoid drafty areas or cold windowsills. The ideal temperature for sprouting seeds is 70 to 80 degrees.


After the initial soaking period, drain off the water and replace it with fresh water. You no longer need to immerse the seeds completely, but should instead provide just enough water to keep them damp. Rinse the sprouts thoroughly every twelve hours. Gradually, the seed hulls will begin to release from the sprouts. If you have an open mesh over the top of your jar, you may be able to shake the seed hulls out through the top. If you are using muslin or a fine mesh, you can sort out the hulls by briefly filling the jar with water and skimming off the hulls that float to the top.


Once your seeds have sprouted, you will need to allow them to green for a brief period of time to increase the nutrient levels in the sprouts. Pour the sprouts out of the jar and drain them in a colander to remove the last of the seed hulls. Rinse out the jar thoroughly to remove any stale water. Place the sprouts back in the jar and set it near a window so that the sprouts receive indirect sunlight for one to two days. Once the sprouts have greened, you can drain them to eat immediately or store for up to a week.

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