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Wheatgrass seeds are available in numerous places online that will ship them directly to you. You can also consider purchasing wheatgrass seeds locally in your city or town from a health food store. One benefit of the seeds is that they are able to last a long time, if they are stored in a cool, dry place. Any seeds you purchase should say certified USDA organic, so you will receive the maximum nutrients from the wheatgrass when it grows.

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Remember that buying wheatgrass seeds in quantities like 25 lbs. or more tends to save you money in the long run. If you know that you will need to consume a large quantity of wheatgrass over a period of time, it is definitely more economical to purchase seeds in bulk.

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Consider a company like that obtains seeds from Washington state. The company retails wheatgrass seeds in various quantities ranging from 8 oz. to 50 lbs. The website states that its organic hard red wheatgrass seed has a wonderful germination rate. If you want to purchase a full growing kit with trays, seed and other supplies, this company retails those as well.

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The Wheatgrass Man sells bags of "Genesis" wheatgrass seed ranging in weight from 7 to 50 lbs. The product this company sells is organic. The website includes instructions on how to grow your own wheatgrass; other supplies that you may need are available as well.

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Go to a local health food store like Earth Fare if you want to buy your seeds locally. If you are on a budget, however, you will find better savings online, in terms of purchasing your wheatgrass seeds.


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