What Flowers Can Be Grown Hydroponically?


Plants grow faster with excellent floral production in hydroponic gardens. Roses, orchids and popular bouquet flowers all thrive. Protected from pests and diseases and nurtured with controlled feeding and watering, hydroponic gardens produce spectacular blooms.

Grow Species Separately

Plan to grow each type of flowering plant separately. As the hydroponic supplier Interior Gardens advises, "Each kind of plant has its own particular needs and can't be mixed with different species in the same hydroponic unit."

Orchid-Specific Hydroponics

Grow orchids faster and more easily than by traditional means. Some suppliers have supplies specific to orchids.

Roses Exceed Expectations

Hydroponic gardens produce stunning roses. Take care to provide sufficient potassium.

Bouquet Flowers

Grow healthy bouquet flowers. Home Harvest Studios states, "Most of the cut flowers delivered in the U.S. are now hydroponic grown as well and home gardeners are discovering the benefits of having a cut flower production system on their balcony or patio."

Supporting Heavy Plants

Set up trellises for heavier plants, such as roses. In soil-less growing, plants have greater need for support. Anchor trellises from the ceiling to prevent damage to the growing trays.


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