What Are Fragrant House Plants?


There are many fragrant houseplants that give off a continuous natural scent, keeping a home smelling fresh and clean. They come in many colors to match any decor and in many scents to suit any taste.

White Varieties

Natal plum (Carissa macrocarpa) and coffee plants (coffea Arabica) produce white, fragrant flowers and are easy to grow indoors. Jasmine plants also produce white flowers and are most fragrant at night.

Yellow Varieties

The Chinese perfume plant (aglaia odorata) is a dwarf bush with fragrant, tiny yellow flowers (about the size of a grain of rice); coronilla valentina smells like peaches and yellow bells (tecoma stans) bloom two to three times a year.

Blue and Violet Varieties

Brunfelsias flowers start out dark purple but change to light blue. Incense (passiflora) has 5-inch violet, lacy flowers, and sweet violet (viola odorata) has small violet flowers among heart-shaped leaves.

Medicinal Varieties

The fragrant golden trumpet vine (allamanda cathartica) is used to treat jaundice and malaria, and the spur flower (plectranthus), with its warm, sweet fragrance, is used to relieve congestion.

Unusual Varieties

Cassia didymobotrya smells like buttered popcorn, and heliotropium arborescens smells like cherry pie.


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