Care of Anthurium Flamingo


Anthuriums make a beautiful houseplant and can have different shades of red blooms all year round. Their ornamental leaves are long and attractive even without the blooms. Other names for the Anthurium are flamingo flower, painted tongue and tail flower (see Reference 2). They are easy to grow in your home and flower beds.


Anthuriums are durable and will last a long time indoors even with a little neglect. Pot your plant in soil that has a base of 1:1:1 ratio of peat moss, perlite and pine bark. They prefer soil that is well drained and coarse. The best temperatures for anthuriums are between 70 and 90 degrees. Anything above 90 degrees might result in burned leaves, less vibrant flower colors and less blooming. Avoid temperatures below 40 degrees as this will make the leaves turn yellow and result in decreased growing. Water your plant approximately once a week, and allow the soil to dry out a bit before watering again. An overabundance of water will make the leaves turn yellow and eventually result in root damage. Flamingo flowers love the sunlight, but make sure it is indirect sunlight. The plant's exotic leaves will still thrive under low lighting, but the blooming might slow down or cease. Until your plant is a few months old, you should not fertilize it. After that, use a slow-releasing fertilizer 3:1:2 ratio that has been diluted to one-quarter strength according to the website (see Reference 1). You should not fertilize a mature plant more than every two to three months. Anthuriums are susceptible to all that pests that are common to indoor plants, such as aphids, mealy bugs, scales and thrips. Scales in particular love to nest in the lovely blooms; treat these and other problems with insecticides. The best way to avoid the pests is prevention. Periodically, wipe each leaf carefully with a soft cloth and water to prevent infestations. Rhizoctonia is the biggest threat to anthuriums and is a result of humidity and high temperatures. Treat this condition with a fungicide, and make sure to keep the soil well drained.


Blooms will last approximately six weeks in a vase with water, depending on the variety, and this makes anthuriums one of the favorite tropical plants as noted by website (see Reference 2).

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