Design Ideas for a Lean-To Greenhouse

A lean-to greenhouse is a great option for gardeners who have neither the space nor budget for a full size greenhouse. The exciting thing about a greenhouse is it extends the growing season, giving gardeners the opportunity to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs all year round. Even if there is no more extra space than a patio or terrace, homeowners can easily add this smaller variety of greenhouse and get the same results a large one offers. These home additions are easy to set up even in a condo or apartment and are removable if you should relocate to another residence. Choose a lean-to greenhouse that best fits your budget and space requirements, whether it's a mini, window style or carport. Look for them at your local do-it-yourself shop or home improvement retailer.


This lean-to greenhouse is ideal for a balcony, deck or patio. It typically has 4 tiers with removable shelves that you can adjust to suit your needs. The mini installs against the side of your home, using heat given off by the wall along with natural sunlight. Running water or electricity to the greenhouse is easy if located near the necessary outlets from your house. A drawback to this style is that when removed, it leaves marks on the wall where it attaches and an accumulation of moisture and grime may discolor your siding.


Just as the name implies, this low-cost design mounts to a window on the eastern or southern side of your home. This small greenhouse offers just enough space to raise potted plants and herbs, extending the window out a foot or so from the wall. This option is perfect for the green thumb hobbyist, do-it-yourselfer or anyone with strict space and budget limitations.


A carport greenhouse attaches to a home or garage, the most spacious of all lean-to designs. Building your own lean-to can cost less per square foot than a freestanding greenhouse. With three designs to choose from, straight, curved-side, and slanted-side, this option offers the most variety to suit your taste. A straight lean-to slants downward from the roof of your home and joins a straight wall to the ground. The curved and slanted style are similar to the straight, however each descends to the ground at a wider angle, offering more square footage.

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