How Do Prayer Plants Reproduce?


A prayer plant is a tropical plant that must stay in a climate above 50 degrees to live. Because of this, in cooler regions it is usually used as a house plant instead of the ground cover that it actually is. It is called a prayer plant due to the leaves of the plant. In the evening the leaves close up and take on the effect of praying hands. The plant itself does not reproduce through flowers, seeds, pollen, or other means. It grows new plants through the roots. Baby plants will grow up through the ground off the root base of another plant.


The prayer plant is also spread by splitting the plant. It can be dug up down to the root base and split in half. Just pull apart at the base and replant in two separate pots. Water the plants, but not too much. The plants do not grow well in soil that is too saturated. Once both new plants are established, they will start to grow again. Once the they have grown large again they too can be up rooted, split and re-potted. This can be continued for as long as one wants to create more and more plants.


There is a way to grow a new prayer plant from the leaf and partial stem of another plant. To make sure this is done correctly a section of a stem must be part of the cutting. The end of the stem is placed in water and left for several weeks. While in water the stem will slowly grow a small root. Once the root is present, the plant is taken out of the water and put in soil. For better results, a root hormone can be used to encourage rapid or stronger growth. The root is just dipped into the product, and then planted as normal. The rooting process is similar to the way the plant grows naturally, except in reverse. Instead of the plant forming out of the root, a root is formed out of the plant.

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