What Does the Amaryllis Plant Look Like?


The amaryllis originated in South America's tropical regions, and is very easy to bloom. You should plant in a warm place with direct light. The flower is particularly popular during the Christmas season because it can be grown indoors rather easily.


The amaryllis blooms are trumpet shaped with six pointed petals, up to three inches long, ranging in color from deep red, pink, purple white, even striped.


The amaryllis stem, or stalk, is hollow and can grow upwards of 30 inches high.


The leaves are separate from the stalk and are flat, green, and range from three to seven per bulb.


An amaryllis can have six to 12 blooms, and are very fragrant like most lilies.


Each bulb can produce up to two stalks and should be planted in late September or mid-October in order to bloom for Christmas time.


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