What Are the Advantages of Greenhouses?

Unless you live in a year-round warm climate, your growing season is limited to Mother Nature's schedule. However, if you have a greenhouse, you can garden all year. Greenhouses provide protection from the elements, optimal growing conditions and convenience to the gardener. Products grown in a greenhouse are typically organic, fresh and available in every season. If you like to garden, enjoy the advantage of a greenhouse.

Protection from the Elements

An obvious advantage of greenhouses is the protection they provide from outside elements. Seeds planted indoors are not blown away by the wind, nor are they eaten by birds. Seedlings are safe from hungry deer and rabbits while mature plants never succumb to drought or freezing temperatures. Gusty winds and driving rain do not interfere with the growing pattern of greenhouse plants and bugs can be kept out, which often deliver diseases and can ruining a crop.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Greenhouses provide the perfect shelter for gardens. And gardeners who plant in greenhouses can provide perfect growing conditions for their produce. Lighting can be placed and directed, timed and reduced. The temperature and humidity can be monitored and adjusted accordingly. Different soil types can be brought in and supplements added as needed with no risk of external pollution or pesticides. Greenhouses are also used by gardeners to provide a good start to their growing vegetables or flowers. They will often plant their seeds in pots in a greenhouse until the seedlings are strong enough to be transplanted outdoors to a garden or flowerbed.


A gardener who uses a greenhouse can tend to his plants in rain or shine, in the middle of the night or the middle of winter. Some greenhouses are merely glass extensions of personal homes. This means the greenhouse has immediate access to power, heat and water. It also means the gardener does not have to brave the outdoors to ensure his plants are thriving. He can check on his produce whenever he wants.

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