How to Grow Bamboo in a Tube of Water

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Growing bamboo is something even the novice and nongardener can successfully accomplish since bamboo is considered a hardy plant. Bamboo is thought to bring good luck and is quite popular for this reason. Also aesthetically it looks nice. To make your bamboo even more pleasing to the eye, many people decide to grow theirs in tubes of water rather than bowls. Follow these steps to help ensure your bamboo plants will last a long time.

Step 1

Place and arrange your bamboo sticks in the middle of your tube. At the bottom of the tube, anchor the sticks of bamboo by placing about 2 or 3 inches of rocks, preferably river rocks since they allow more water to flow to the roots. Tie garden wire around the sticks to hold them in place, being sure not to cut the bamboo with the wire.

Step 2

Fill your tube with water. If you have hard or nondrinkable tap water, use filtered or spring water instead. Keep your bamboo in water all the time and replace the water every week to help keep it clean and free from algae.

Step 3

Place your bamboo plant out of direct sunlight. Your leaves may turn yellow if the bamboo is exposed to too much sunlight. If you do notice yellow leaves, pick them off with your fingers. Move the plant to a shadier spot of your home if a lot of leaves start to yellow.

Things You'll Need

  • Tube
  • River rocks
  • Gardening wire
  • Water
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