How to Reduce Nitrates in Hydroponic Lettuce


Lettuce is one of the easiest and most common hydroponic crops, but there is a drawback to growing lettuce hydroponically. Nitrates can build up in the leaves, and if not carefully managed can reach levels that are harmful to humans. In a traditional outdoor soil garden, nitrates are converted to harmless nitrogen via photosynthesis. In an indoor hydroponic garden, photosynthesis happens at a much lower rate, leading to high nitrate concentrations. This can be managed by altering the hydroponic environment.

Adjust Nitrate Levels in Hydroponics

Step 1

Use a home nitrate test kit to determine the level of nitrates present in your hydroponic nutrient solution. Lettuce ready for consumption should have nitrates less than 4,000 parts per million.

Step 2

If the nitrate level is too high, completely flush the nutrient solution and replace it with fresh, de-chlorinated water. Mix in a low-nitrate concentrated nutrient solution.

Step 3

Add enclosed UV grow lights to your hydroponic garden. These will stimulate photosynthesis, which will naturally remove nitrates from the lettuce.

Step 4

Re-test the nutrient solution for nitrate levels once per week. Continue to adjust nutrient solution and UV lighting until you maintain ideal levels.

Tips and Warnings

  • UV grow lights get hot, so use appropriate caution to avoid burns.

Things You'll Need

  • Working hydroponic garden
  • Nitrate test kit
  • Low-nitrate concentrated nutrient solution
  • Enclosed UV grow lights


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