Why are the Leaves of Bamboo Plants Yellow?


Your luck's running out when your lucky bamboo plant starts developing yellow leaves, but with a little care you can turn things around. Yellow leaves are an indication that something is out of balance with your bamboo.


Lucky bamboo plants may develop yellow leaves if they are receiving too much sun. If some leaves begin to brown and others are yellow, your plant is receiving too much sun and should be placed in an indirect or low light.

Spider mites

Spider mites or other bamboo mites may cause yellowing. If you notice yellowing leaves and webbing between leaves, your bamboo plant has a mite problem and can be treated with insecticidal soap.

Dead plant

If your stalk and leaves are turning yellow, that bamboo stalk is dying. Remove it from an arrangement to prevent other bamboo stalks from dying.


If your lucky bamboo isn't receiving adequate water, leaves may begin to turn yellow. Always ensure your lucky bamboo sits in water and (if possible) use distilled water rather than tap water. Make sure the water is lukewarm or cool rather than very cold.


Once leaves have turned yellow, they will not recover. Trim away yellow leaves as soon as you discover them.


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