Hydroponic Fungicide Treatment


A fungicide is a chemical or mixture of chemicals designed to eliminate fungus. Fungus can be damaging and destructive to plants, even plants grown using the hydroponics technique where roots are suspended in water with no growing medium.

Homemade Fungicide

Fungicide can be made at home by mixing 5 teaspoons each of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide in a gallon of water. Then the fungicide can be put in a spray bottle for easy use.

Club Root

With club root, fungi grows around the roots and makes the roots look like tubers. This is treated by sprinkling fungicide in the water.


Part of the plant will turn rotten. This part should be cut off and the fungicide should be sprayed on the rotting area.


With anthracnose, leaves of the plant develop dark smears. These leaves should be removed and the plant should be sprayed with fungicide.


Fungicide treatments will not likely be necessary if the plant is kept in an area that is not shaded, humid and crowded.


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