Care Instructions for a Kalanchoe


The Kalanchoe plant is a very popular holiday gift. These plants come in a multitude of colors such as yellow, pink, purple, white and orange. Some varieties even have two colors of blooms. The Kalanchoe plant's showy flowers bloom indoors during the winter months. Taking good care of a Kalanchoe plant will ensure that this succulent remains attractive and healthy all year round.

Care of the Kalanchoe

The Kalanchoe plant does best when placed in a clay pot. This allows the soil around the delicate root system to aerate better. You should place pebbles in the bottom of your clay pot to allow for good drainage. Purchase a soil that contains plenty of sand, peat moss and perlite. Water your Kalanchoe about once a week, but never allow water to stand in the saucer on the bottom of your pot. Empty this scaucer if water is still standing after about 20 minutes. You should allow this succulent's soil to become dry for one or two days between each watering. Kalanchoe can be grown outdoors but typically thrives best indoors away from drafts and cool windows. They need plenty of sunlight so place it in a sunny window. Kalanchoe thrive and bloom the best in mild temperatures ranging from 60 to 85 degrees F. If you are enjoying your Kalanchoe outdoors in a pot bring it in before the cold weather hits. This plant does not tolerate cold well and just a few hours at temperatures of 40 F or below will be the end of this plant. Remove dead blossoms and their stems; this will ensure flower growth again the next season. To promote blooms for the next winter the Kalanchoe needs a six-week period of short days. To enable the Kalanchoe to bloom during the Christmas season place the pot in a dark closet between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. daily starting around the first of September. Then place the pot in a well-lit window and the blooms should appear again in the holiday season.

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