What Are the Symptoms of a Sick Lucky Bamboo Plant?


Lucky Bamboo may have a reputation as an easy, carefree plant, but with neglect, it can get sick and die. Some of the symptoms of neglect are yellow leaves and stems. The stems may also turn black at the end or become pale.

Yellow Leaves

Leaves that turn yellow indicate you are using too much fertilizer or your plant is receiving too much light. Move the bamboo away from direct light and change the water immediately.

Brown Leaf Tips

Brown tips on the leaves of the bamboo could mean the air is not humid enough or the water has fluoride in it. Change the water, avoiding tap water, and mist your plant's leaves every day.

Black Cut End

When the Lucky Bamboo's end end turns black, it could be getting sick. Typically, however, the problem is aesthetic, unless the blackness is accompanied by yellowing or paleness of the stems. In that case, cut the black part off.

Yellow Stems

If you notice that the Lucky Bamboo is looking a little less than green, change the water right away and move your plant away from the light. The stem might have a bit of green left and, if it does, you can cut away the yellow and create a new plant.

Stem Paleness

A stem that is yellow or pale indicates a dying plant. Remove that stalk from your bamboo arrangement.

Mushy Stems

Mushy, brown stems mean the roots have rotted--the result of too much fertilizer and/or water. Cut off the bottom of the stem and re-plant the green part.


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